Oort Gnus T-shirts

Way too long after the previous Gnus release, Oort Gnus was finally released as Gnus 5.10 on May 1st, 2003. Something to mark the occasion was obviously needed, so I decided to do something original for a change, and do t-shirts.

The main design elements here were X-Faces harvested from the headers of Gnus users. The X-Faces are very low-res and black-and-white, so I though that that might look interesting on a shirt.

A year after making that decision, I finally set up the shop on, took orders (via PayPal for the first time, as well as Visa), sent the orders to the t-shirt printers, and got them on June the 6th. As promised! It's amazing.


The boxes from the printer ... in a more dramatic pose
Opening them up reveals actual t-shirts They even look the way I thought they would

A closer look at the design

The front of the shirt The new Oort logo on top there is designed by Luis Fernandes
The most important detail on the shirt: My face The back of the shirt
Zooming in As sported by our lovely model from Reverseland

The total number of shirts made was 181, if I remember correctly. Packing them up and shipping them off was a breeze, but I had help.


Emacs-assisted Visa processing Envelopes, envelopes, envelopes
The help: Alcohol... ...and Buffy. If you got the wrong shirt sizes, it's all their fault

And that's all, folks.

2003-06-07 15:18:35