September Gnus T-Shirt

September Gnus front The very first foray into Gnuswear was this shirt, and I made a hundred copies. I had originally planned on just doing fifty shirts (because I didn't think I was going to sell any more), but a hundred shirts cost just slightly (for some values of "slightly") more than fifty, so I went for broke and did a hundred, with images of my peddling the shirts on street corners flashing before my eyes. "Buy some shirts, sir? Lovely shirts! Gnus shirts! Cheap! Almost free! Buy some?"

They sold out within three days of me getting them.

By then I was so tired of packing (I folded them thrice lengthwise, I rolled them up and then rolled them into brown paper; a cheap, light and resistant-to-enraged-postal-workers way of packing, but it got boring after a while) that I didn't bother ordering any more.

September Gnus front The shirts were only available in one color -- yellowish ink on black shirts, as sported by our model here.

All the money raised by this shirt went into the Buy Lars More CDs Because He Can Never Have Enough Fund, which was cleared out after just a couple of days. But those were glorious days!

I'm a bit iffy on the date we did this, but I believe that it was the summer of '96. I remember that I dreamed up the shirt the summer before on a bus in Geneva. (I was doing some stuff on my masters thesis (that I've yet to finish) at CERN that summer.) Well, to be precise, I thought about doing a (ding) Gnus t-shirt, but after the usual delays, (ding) Gnus was history and September Gnus was it, so a September Gnus t-shirt it was.

1998-12-09 04:05:51