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Gnus is not only a mail reader and a news reader; it's also a thriving couture industry. The items that have been available (or not) over the years have varied in exclusivity from one (1) copy to six hundred (600).

Please note that, at this moment in time, none of these items are available. If new items are being produced (and can be ordered), this page will let you know.

The items fall into two categories: Things sold by Lars and things not sold by Lars. The former category is somewhat larger than the latter. This web page documents them both.

From the Gnus Towers

  1. September Gnus T-Shirt
  2. Red Gnus Sweatshirt
  3. Quassia Gnus Caps
  4. (ding) Gnus Commemorative T-Shirt
  5. Pterodactyl Gnus Mugs and Tattoos
  6. Oort Gnus T-Shirt
  7. Expecting (ding) Long-Sleeved T-shirtst
  8. No Gnus T-shirts

Not from the Gnus Towers

  1. Gnus Knit-Wear

If you have made any neat Gnus-related items, please do take a snap of it and either scan it in and email me the pictures, or just snail-mail me the pictures and I'll scan them in.

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